Eli's Wagons of Wishes

A program developed to bring hope and support to families who have recently received a diagnosis of Childhood Cancer

The cost to sponsor an entire Wagon of Wishes is $300, or you can donate items by visiting the online wish lists today. To donate money, you can contact us or use our donate buttons below. Thanks for considering being a sponsor of Eli’s Wagon of Wishes!

Wagons of Wishes

Eli’s Wagons of Wishes is a program developed to bring hope and support to families who have recently received a diagnosis of Childhood Cancer. The wagon will provide essential items and support that the families will need during their frequent and extended hospital stays. When a child receives a cancer diagnosis, the entire family is plunged into the world of Childhood Cancer. They are consumed with fear, grief, financial difficulties and the responsibility of providing the best care for their child. Unfortunately, in central and northern Wisconsin, the necessary medical care is not available locally. Families are required to travel great distances for treatment, resulting in extended periods of time off work and recurrent travel expenses. While bELIeve15 can not solve these issues, it is our goal for Eli’s Wagons of Wishes to provide love and support to these burdened and distraught families.

Eli’s Wagons of Wishes provides a collapsible wagon filled with a plethora of items that recently diagnosed cancer families will find essential. The items were chosen by Eli, along with some of our suggestions. We know from experience that these items will help make their hospital stay more comfortable and organized. Eli’s favorite addition to the wagon is the fleece sheets. During treatment, the children have extremely sensitive skin. The sheets are comfortable, warm and make them feel more like they are in their own bed.
Additional items that may be included in the wagons are organizational items, soft bath towels, toiletries, a gift for the child, distraction activities, gas/food cards, a travel bag, travel mugs/water bottles, portable chargers, and rolls of quarters for vending machines. We also provide our contact information and resource materials that would be beneficial to families of newly diagnosed children.

“We RELIGIOUSLY use our wagon, every, single, visit. Single handedly the most useful thing we were given.”

– Malcom’s Mom Tracy M

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